hanterra ceramics competition

hanterra ceramics competition is a national, juried ceramics competition.
hanterra ceramics competition is organized and promoted by hanterra in order to encourage the use of functional handmade ceramics and unique quality designs. hanterra ceramics competition, being the first of its kind in Turkey, aims
⦁ to remind the importance of good design, uniqueness and quality of build, within the rising popularity of ceramics
⦁ to encourage handmade ceramic works that demonstrate what can be done with ceramics and reflect creativity and imagination 
⦁ to reward the time, effort and care the ceramist spends while creating a handmade functional ceramic, as well as the imagination and thought that goes into the creative process.

subject matter

Subject matter of 2023 hanterra ceramics competition: LIDDED FORM

terms of participation

⦁ hanterra ceramics competition is open to anyone who loves to make ceramics, residing in Turkey, regardless of their experience, age and education. 
⦁ Participation in the competition is free.
⦁ As this competition is designed to support handmade ceramics, works can be created by using any classic ceramic technique. Computer-aided (with three-dimensional printers) ceramic production is excluded. Works may include the use of other materials, but the work should be mainly made of ceramics.
By participating in this competition, the artists declare that the works are made by them, that they are original, that they were produced for this competition, that works have not participated in other competitions and have not been exhibited anywhere including on social media, in newsletters or on websites. The participant accepts and undertake that he/she is the owner and creator of the works that they enter the competition and no third party has any rights related to the work under any name, such as copyright, the owner of the work, etc. Otherwise, all legal and criminal responsibility will belong to the participant.
⦁ If the rules are not respected the Jury and hanterra reserve the right to exclude the work from the exhibition or even withdraw any prizes awarded.

assessment criteria

Jurors evaluate the works based on three criteria:
⦁ relation with the subject matter, suitability for its function and ergonomics,
⦁ originality and creativity of the design,
⦁ technical qualities of the production and the finishing. 


AWARD FOR THE WINNER hanterra gift voucher worth 15.000 TL,
1st runnerup hanterra gift voucher worth 3.500 TL,
2nd runnerup hanterra gift voucher worth 3.500 TL,
3rd runnerup hanterra gift voucher worth 3.500 TL.

Works that pass the first stage will be eligible to be exhibited. Works to be exhibited shall be decided by the jury and hanterra, depending on the number and quality of participation to the competition. The decision of the jury is final and there is no appeal against this decision.

The exhibition award will be given among the works that pass the first stage. With hanterra gift certificates, award winner and runnerups will be able to choose any products from website, subject to stock availability. The gift certificate holder cannot make any request from hanterra regarding the out-of-stock products. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash. The delivery date of gift certificates is 01.02.2023 and hanterra will not be responsible for gift certificates that are not accepted within 3 months. The beneficiary, who does not receive the gift certificate within the due time, cannot claim any rights or receivables from hanterra. Gift certificates are valid for 1 year.

competition calendar

19.09.2022 – Competition announcement  
30.12.2022 – Deadline for participation
14.01.2023 – Notification to the participants who passed the first stage of judging
21.01.2023 – Deadline for delivery of the selected works to hanterra Kozyatağı
31.01.2023 – Announcement of the award winners

application process

Applications will be made on the website by filling out the application form no later than 30.12.2022 at 23.59.

2 (two) images of the work and 2 (two) images showing the production process, a total of 4 (four) images will be uploaded. Detailed information about the production process can be requested from participants that pass the first stage.

The application form will include contact information such as name, surname, address, e-mail and telephone, as well as the dimensions, technique, material of the work - which clay, which glaze, etc. - and its name.

It is possible to participate with a maximum of 2 (two) works.

Works cannot be larger than 60 x 60 x 60 cm. 


The competition is judged over the course of 2 stages:

First stage selection: image assessment
The first stage of judging will be made based on the photos sent. Photos should be in Jpeg format and have a resolution of 300 dpi and taken from different angles with a neutral (white, black or grey) background. The maximum size of digital image should not exceed 5 MB. Digital manipulations (Photoshop, etc.) should not be made on the photographs. When the work passes the first stage and the work is sent, the difference between the photograph and the piece will result in exclusion from the competition. There should not be any text directly on the photos. hanterra reserves the right to photograph the works for documentation, education, promotion, etc. and to use the digital images of the works submitted to the competition. The jury will examine all submissions and choose the finalists to be exhibited at hanterra. The selected participants will be contacted by the end of September 2021, but will not be allowed to announce their participation on social media, in newsletters or on their websites before the official announcement by hanterra.

Final stage selection: Actual piece assessment
The works that pass the 1st stage will be announced on the 14th January 2023, The works would need to be delivered to hanterra Kozyatağı between 16.01.2023-21.01.2023 by 17:00 on the evening of 21.01.2023 for evaluation by the jury. The owners of the accepted works will be contacted via e-mail and/or phone regarding the delivery of the works. The works that reach hanterra Kozyatağı undamaged within the given time limit after passing the first stage will be examined and evaluated by the jury and the award winners will be determined. The decisions of the jury are final and cannot be disputed.  


hanterra, while making every effort to ensure the safe maintenance and preservation of the works entered in the competition, refuses any responsibility in case of theft, fire or any kind of damage to the works at any stage of the competition.


hanterra will not insure the works at any stage of the competition. Participants agree that they will not take any legal action against hanterra for any damage to the works during the competition. Authors can insure their work at their own expense and responsibility by using the insurance company of their choice. Insurance policies should exempt hanterra from any legal action; hanterra is not obliged to indemnify the works for the entire duration of the competition. If a work reaches the competition with signs of damage, it will be out of the competition.

delivery of works

The cost and responsibility of the delivery of works will be belong to the participant. Works must reach hanterra without any fees or taxes. Participants must comply with safety standards when transporting the works and ensure that they are adequately packed. hanterra cannot be held responsible for any damage during shipping.

return of works

The works that win the competition and are awarded by entering the first four will become the property of hanterra. They will be included in the hanterra collection together with the rights to exhibit and promote in the press. Entrants, other than award winners, can retrieve their works in person from hanterra Kozyatağı at the end of the exhibition period, or they can choose their works to be sent by courier. The entrant will be responsible for the cost of return shipping and any loss or damage during transit, and hanterra will not be liable for repair and compensation of the work. Deadline for the return of works is 11.03.2023. Participants can donate their work to hanterra if they prefer. In this case, the work becomes the property of hanterra. Works that are not received at the end of the period will become the property of hanterra for all intents and purposes.

for more information and queries:
Tel: 0 543 3297202