(b.1977, Ankara)Graduated from TED Ankara College in 1995 and from Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramics Department in 2000. Completed her master's degree in the Department of Ceramics at the Social Sciences Institute of the same university in 2002 with her thesis titled "Texture in Artistic Ceramic Forming". In 2012, completed the Fine Arts Institute Ceramics Department Proficiency in Art Program with her thesis titled "The Use of Waste Ceramics as an Alternative Expression Instrument in Ceramic Art". Worked as a designer in important institutions of the ceramic industry for many years. Since 2007, continues her career as an academician. While shaping her ceramics, she used finds, heirlooms, broken, old, purchased and mostly industrial waste ceramics that had other functions before. Participated in many events at home and abroad with her conceptual and political works that were shaped using waste ceramics, and her works were accepted into different museums, private and public collections. She opened six personal exhibitions.
Elif Aydoğdu Ağatekin, who was selected as the Artist of the Year in the Ceramic/Glass Branch of the Art Association in 2019, won the Success Award in the 71st State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Ceramics Competition in 2012, the Success Award for the Istanbul Rotary Club Art Competition, which was held for the first time in 2011, 3rd place in the Gizem Frit Ceramics Competition in 2010, and 11th place in 2010. Also, awarded 2nd Prize in the Golden Jug Ceramic Competition and the Mert Optik Special Award in the 6th Golden Jug Ceramic Competition in 2000. Founding member of the Ceramic Art Education Exchange Association, a member of the Turkish Ceramics Association and the International Ceramics Academy (IAC) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland..
Currently working as an associate professor and head of the Department of Ceramics and Glass Design, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University.


(b. 1941, Istanbul) In 1962, graduated from the Ceramics Department of the Istanbul State Academy of Applied Fine Arts. Between 1963 and 1972, studied Ceramic Art and Ceramic Engineering in Germany with the scholarship of MEB (National Education Ministry) within the scope of the 1416 law. Undertook internships in different companies. Some of her designs were purchased by companies for mass production. She served as Assistant, Associate Professor, Professor and Head of Ceramic-Glass Department at DTGSYO and later Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts between 1972-2008. She retired due to age limit.
Güngör Güner’s thesis on “Primitive Pottery Living in Anatolia” was published in 1998 by Ak-Publishing Culture Series (ISBN 975-7630-04-0) Between 1958 and 2022, opened 17 personal ceramic exhibitions, six of which were abroad; participated in many group exhibitions at home and abroad, and was awarded for participation in these exhibitions. Visiting professor in the USA in 1989, in Germany in 1996, and as a researcher in Japan in 1990 with the scholarship of the Japanese Foundation.
Since 2009, giving lectures as a guest lecturer in the Undergraduate Program of the Fine Arts Department of ITU, continuing her art and design studies in her own workshop; regularly writes articles and gives conferences.


As the daughter of a ceramics producer, Mieke Montagne came into contact with ceramics at an early age. What started as a hobby has eventually become her job. In 1996 she graduated from the Royal Academy of Art of 's-Hertogenbosch on Ceramics. In the years that followed she had her own studio where she made applied ceramics. From 1996 to 2018 she worked for various ceramics companies, including as a product developer. In 2012 she started Studio Poldergoed where she provided prototypes and small productions for artists and designers. In recent years she has been an advisor at the EKWC. She now works at Koninklijke Tichelaar where she is manager of laboratory and product development.


Completed her undergraduate studies in Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramics and Glass Department, Artistic Ceramics Department in 1991. Completed her master's degree and proficiency in art at the Department of Ceramics and Glass at Marmara University Fine Arts Institute between 1993 and 1998. While doing her studies and gaining experience in Atilla Galatalı and Filiz Özgüven Galatalı's ateliers and Gorbon Art Studio, she designed for Turkey's leading fashion brands and was hosted as a guest artist at Eczacıbaşı Art Studio in 1998. Since 2001, she makes artistic ceramics and porcelain works and teaches in her workshop. The artist, who is a member of the Turkish Ceramics Association and the Ceramic Art Education and Exchange Association, has her works in local and foreign collections and in 3 museums. She participated in various social responsibility projects and cooperated with some municipalities in artistic collaborations, opened 12 solo exhibitions, participated in 74 group exhibitions, competitions and fairs, and won national awards.


(b.1974, Rome) Started his career in the music industry, published an album called “sei gradi di separazione” and was awarded the Premio San Remo Autori in 1994. After that, his career took a different turn: he became a ceramic artist. After receiving ceramic and ceramic sculpture education from the “Scuola di Arti Ornamentali San Giacomo” in Rome, he founded a cultural association called OFFICINE CERAMICHE ROMA. Officine Ceramiche Roma is also his studio, a knowledge base for students and lovers of pottery where he holds regular workshops. His work spans from research to development of ceramic arts. He also founded the first diffuse Blog, an Italian network of ceramic artists and potters called: Contemporary Italian Ceramics; he is also the creator of ceramic sculpture contests.  His works exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions, selected in several national and international competitions and received various awards. Selected for the ceramic artist residence in Faenza (IT) from the Faenza Art Ceramic Center.