hanterra ceramics competition 2024

Organised for the third time this year, the hanterra ceramic competition awaits original, functional handmade ceramic works that reflect creativity and imagination.

Deadline for application: 12.01.2024

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Subject matter of 2024 hanterra ceramics competition

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Tuba Önder Demircioğlu

Ayhan Geveli

Ezgi Hakan

Domenico Iaracà

Anna Thomson

You can find detailed information about this year’s jury here.

Meet the Jury


hanterra has brought to the Turkish market some of the most respected brands known for quality in the world for ceramics, and endeavours to introduce the latest ideas and materials to the local ceramicists. hanterra also aims to provide easy access to the best materials, machinery, equipment and ceramic kilns produced in Turkey, and believes that sharing knowledge is the only way to progress and develop further. hanterra’s aim is to contribute to all aspects of the ceramics sector to achieve quality and innovation.
You can view our “about us” page to get to know our business partners who support and sponsor our second ceramics competition.

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